Our Nutritionist
Jennifer Lam, B.A.Sc., Applied Human Nutrition and Dietetics

“I believe the start of a healthy lifestyle comprises of a balanced diet, regular meal schedule, knowing the origins of your food and understanding the ingredients that you are consuming.”

Jennifer joined HK Juice Co. as their nutritionist and recipe developer as both their goals and philosophy for healthy eating and attaining a balanced lifestyle complemented each other. She oversees that only the highest quality imported produce, with the majority of our ingredients being USDA/JAS/EU certified organic are used in our hand crafted cold-pressed juices.

Jennifer has lived, worked and travelled internationally and has developed an international taste for food and awareness for people’s need from different cultures. Having experienced the food and culture from Canada, Japan, mainland China and now Hong Kong, she is excited to incorporate her knowledge and creativity in producing new juices and new products for HK Juice.

She holds a bachelors degree in applied human nutrition, a dietetics degree, from Canada and her passion for food led her to attain a culinary skills diploma as well.

Jennifer would love to hear about some of your dietary goals and partner with you in attaining them. The Hong Kong Juice Co. is here to provide high quality cold-pressed juices to help the busy people of Hong Kong lead healthier lifestyles.