Please see the most common questions we’re asked and answers below.

Is it organic?
Yes. Our complete line of raw, cold pressed juice uses the highest quality imported fruit and 100% USDA/JAS/EU certified organic vegetables. We have been sourcing and producing the highest quality cold pressed juice for some time now, but we are especially thrilled to be the first juice in its category to achieve the distinction of having USDA/JAS/EU certified ingredients.
How long will the juices last? How should I store them?
Our juices are raw and unpasteurized so they need to be stored in the fridge between 1-4°C once you receive them. The juices come in a custom-designed cooler bag for you to keep. They will stay fresh for 3 days. For the 6-day cleanse, we will delivery twice to you and for the 9-day cleanse, we will delivery three times.
Why do the juices split? What’s going on?
Our juices are made with 100% raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. Natural separation of the juices is normal. A little shake will bring it back to life.
Will I lose weight during the cleanse?
The purpose of our cleanses is to assist in detoxifying your system as well as to help ignite your desire to start a healthier lifestyle. While on the cleanse, weight loss is a common side effect, which we hope will motivate you to continue a healthy lifestyle after the cleanse.
How much weight will I lose during a juice cleanse?
This depends on your body weight, height and composition as well as your current eating habits. We find that some individuals lose weight during the cleanse while most individuals lose weight during the weeks following the cleanse since they adopted healthier choices and modified their diet.
Will I have energy to work and/or exercise?
Absolutely! Our juice cleanses are carefully put together with all the nutrients you need to get you through your day. Just make sure you don't overwork or over-exercise during a juice cleanse, keep your physical activities at low-impact and you will definitely be good to go. Some examples of light exercises recommended are Yoga, short jog and light cardio exercises
In what order should I drink the juices?
You drink 5 bottles of juice a day and the bottles are labeled 1 through 5. You don’t absolutely need to stick to that order but our cleanses are designed so you can benefit from the maximum absorption of nutrients, minerals and enzymes.
How often can I cleanse?
Depending on the length of HKJuice cleanse you choose. If you do a 3-days cleanse, you can cleanse twice a month. If you do a 5-days or more HKJuice cleanse, you can cleanse once a month.
Who should NOT do a cleanse?
-those that are pregnant or breastfeeding -those with chronic illnesses such as type 1 diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney problems -under the age of 18 or over 75 -those with eating disorders
What do I eat after my cleanse?
Please refer to our sample meal plan to get ideas for what to eat before and after the cleanse. We recommend sticking to clear soups, juices, smoothies, raw fruits and vegetables and gradually increasing to solid meals.
Why is your juice so expensive?
We use real organic produce and non-pasteurized products in our juices. Our raw ingredients are more expensive to obtain and maintain. HK juice is charging a fair market price for the juices we produce.
Will this slow my metabolism?
If your metabolism is fast right now, it will probably slow down a bit during the cleanse since you won’t be taking in as much energy. On the other hand, if your metabolism is slow, cleansing out toxins will open up channels so your body can function more efficiently.
Should I drink tea on a cleanse?
You should be avoiding caffeine but herbal teas in small amounts are ok. We suggest drinking warm water with lemon, ginger and raw honey instead.
Can I smoke during the cleanse?
We trust that you already know the answer to this, but we won’t tell you what you absolutely can or cannot do. Smoking is not recommended before, during or after the cleanse.
What's the environmental impact?
We are dedicated to the preservation and protection of our environment. We maintain a low carbon footprint by sourcing locally from small family farms who independently practice pesticide and herbicide-free farming
Q: Why don't you use glass bottles?
At this time, plastic is actually a more environmentally sound choice than glass. We use PETE #1 plastic.
Do you recycle?
We have one of the most friendly recycle programs in HK. We work with HK Recycles to recycle our bottles. Rest assured we are totally committed to environmental protection.
Where can we drop off used bottles, boxes and bags?
You can drop off your used bottles, boxes and bags at either of our shops. Please have a look at our Delivery section of our FAQ for the shop addresses.
How do the deliveries work?
Place your order 2 days in advance before your cleanse. Deliveries are made Monday to Saturday 9AM- 7PM No same day orders are available at the moment Eg. An order placed on Sunday will be delivered to you on Tuesday.
Where can I pick-up my cleanse?
Pick up is conveniently available at our shops located in Sheung Wan and Mid-Levels. Please select the shop you would like to pick-up your cleanse during your online checkout.
Will there be instructions?
Each juice cleanse will come with a hard copy of our instructions clearly explaining how to consume our juices. It will be placed inside our custom-designed cooler bags. Look for it there!
Can I have other drinks?
Water! Please drink 1-2 cups of water in between each juice. We know it’s a lot of liquid but the extra water will allow the cleanse to be more effective and keep you hydrated as you rid your body of all those toxins. You should be avoiding caffeine but herbal teas in small amounts are ok. We suggest drinking warm water with lemon, ginger and raw honey instead.
Can I bring the juice outdoors or carry it with me to work?
As long as the juices don’t stay at room temperature (20-24°C) for more than 2 hours, that’s ok. If the weather is hot outside, don’t leave it above 26°C for more than half an hour.
Can I mix the juices with other sweetners if I can't handle the taste?
If you MUST sweeten the juices, we recommend using agave nectar, which is all-natural and won’t spike your blood sugar levels like other sweeteners. Another alternative is to blend some fresh apple juice or pineapple juice into our existing juices.