Group & Corporate Cleanse

Did you know that juice cleanses can increase mental focus, productivity and boost energy levels? So bosses out there, why not pamper your employees for a mental clarity so they can love you and your company?

What better way to encourage teamwork than by getting healthy as a team? Corporate juice cleanses help to improve the health and performance of everyone at work. A corporate juice cleanse is a major commitment, not unlike preparing for a big project together. A juice cleanses also requires accountability and commitment, which helps bring co-workers together to encourage each other on.

We can help customize a juice cleanse for your company that suits the needs of your team. We can provide frequent deliveries to corporate clientele and can cater the duration of the cleanse to match other team-building activities being held. Corporate discounts are available to those who choose to do a cleanse in a group of 3 or more.

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